Embassy of Namibia
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Investment & Trade

Namibia recognises the crucial role foreign direct investment plays in stimulating economic growth, wealth creation and poverty reduction. For this reason, the High Commissionís main task is to promote inward investment into Namibia and to foster two-way trade. To this end, the High Commission collaborates closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Namibia and the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other players in the industry to meet your trade and investment needs.

Whether you wish to invest in Namibia, or are simply looking for investment opportunities, or wish to develop strategic partnerships in Namibia, or outsource products or services, or you are looking for suppliers or manufacturers, the Mission stands ready to assist by providing you relevant information and linking you up with potential counterparts.

Why invest in Namibia?

  • Peace, stability and good governance
  • First world road, rail and air infrastructure
  • Excellent telecommunications network
  • Wide inter-continental market access
  • Liberal investment regime
  • Stable labour environment
  • Generous investment regimes
  • Fast, efficient and transparent bureaucracy
  • Low inflation
  • Stable foreign exchange reserves
  • Strategically located, low cost and efficient port
  • Young and trainable labour force
  • Good housing and recreational facilities