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Seamen on vessels

Bona fide merchant seamen on vessels which call at Namibian ports do not require visas. They must, however, be in possession of a valid seamen's books or passports. Seamen arriving in Namibia by any means of transport as passengers with the intention of joining their vessels at Namibian ports do not require visas but must be in possession of:
- valid passports or seamen's books, and
- a letter from their vessel's owners or agents confirming that they are joining a vessel and that full responsibility is accepted for their repatriation.

Crew members of an aircraft

Bona fide crew members of a scheduled aircraft (excluding crew members of a private aircraft) are exempted in terms of Immigration Control Act 1993 on arrival and do not require visas for Namibia. All crew members whose names are reflected on the general declaration must, however, be in possession of a valid crew member's licence or a crew member's certificate, in which case it is considered that the requirements of the Ministry of Home Affairs have been complied with. Aircraft crew members entering Namibia as passengers by any means of transport at any port other than the airport at which the are required to join an aircraft must, however, be in possession of valid passports duly visaed if they are nationals of a country whose citizens require visas. This equally applies to airline crew members who arrive in Namibia with the intention of visiting e.g. friends, family, family and will, therefore not depart on the next available flight.

Transit passengers

Transit passengers on aircraft continuing their onward journey by the same or first connecting aircraft do not require visas as they are normally required to spend the transit period in the airport transit area and are not allowed to leave that area without prior authorization of an Immigration Officer.
Transit passengers on board ships must be in possession of passports but do not require visas to go ashore while their vessel is in port. Facilities for such persons to go ashore are arranged between the master of the ship and an Immigration Officer at the port of call. If, however, any visit to Namibia is contemplated or the passenger departs by aircraft or another ship, the person concerned requires an entry or transit visa, if he/she is a national of a country whose citizens require visas.