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Business Visa

All visitors travelling to Namibia for business purposes need a Visa prior to travel. The business visa in Namibia is defined as the Visa issued to people looking for:

  • Completed Two Original Visa Application forms;
  • Valid passport with at least Six (6) months validity from the returning date of entry and at least Three (3) or more blank pages;
  • Two (2) colored identical passport photographs;
  • Copy of round trip ticket or itinerary indicating your trip in and out of Namibia;
  • A flight tickets are required upon collection the visa
  • Applicants must have (a) a return ticket; (b) adequate funds for the duration of their stay in Namibia; (c) proof that they will be supported by a Namibian permanent resident holder or by Namibian;
  • Original Invitation letter from Namibian Company stating the nature of your business.
  • Copy of residence permit for residence of Benelux if applicant is not a Belgium.
  • Health requirements: yellow fever inoculation is a requirement only if the journey to Namibia entails passing through a yellow fever area of Africa by any other means than by a scheduled air service.


  • Traders and street vendors
  • Voluntary workers
  • People hired and remunerated in their countries but performing works in Namibia

All persons falling under the above exclusions should apply for work and other relevant visas and permits irrespective of whether their countries have a Visa Abolition Agreement with Namibia.